gas-net F1

The gas-net F1 is an electronic flow computer for natural and industrial gases with an integrated data logger. The device can be combined with various intrinsically safe or explosion-proof pressure transmitters and temperature sensors.
The gas-net F1 is able to correct up to three streams with one or two flow directions per stream.

Technical data Downloads  

  • Volume correction, energy and mass calculation for natural gases with a compressibility ratio k according to SGERG-88, AGA-NX-19, AGA-8-DC-92 or with k=constant
  • Volume correction, energy and mass calculation for manufactured gases with the compressibility ratio k being calculated based on pressure and temperature values from a compression factor Z table
  • An integrated data logger saves measurements and totalizers at intervals and upon events
  • Integrated RDT functionality for data transfer via telephone and modem or via computer network and TCP/IP interface
  • Up to three streams 
  • Operation in two flow directions
  • Modular I/O board system
  • Inputs for all standard signals of one stream (pressure, temperature, gas meter pulses, ENCODER) on one ExMFE5 input board with integrated explosion protection
  • Connection of up to two gas quality analyzers via MODBUS or DSfG*
  • Multi-functional MFA8 output board with four digital/pulse outputs and four current outputs
  • Any gas-net input and output boards can be assigned to unassigned board locations for operational extensions
  • Time synchronization via TCP/IP network / NTP or via GPS (each when the device is equipped with the corresponding hardware)
  • Connection of ultrasonic gas meters of the Flowsic and Q.Sonic types via communication interface
  • Connection of a Coriolis mass flow meter via pulse input
  • Connection of pressure and temperature also possible via HART protocol
  • Message processing
  • Process value archives
  • Maximum and minimum values for measurements and totalizers
  • Triggering of up to three turbine gas meter lubrications
  • DSfG interface according to DSfG class A
  • Data communication via MODBUS (ASCII, RTU, TCP) or 3964R/RK512

* The DSfG protocol is a digital data protocol, especially developed for the communication between gas metering devices in gas measuring and regulating stations.