Low pressure regulators

The regulators of the low pressure series are available in several different configurations and connection sizes. Beside the meter service governor there are also in line and coaxial type regulators available. A low pressure cut-off is optional. Alternative the regulators can be fitted with an excess flow cut-off. The regulators are fire safe and DVGW approved according to VP200.
Series ZRE of co-axial meter service governors for use with co-axial gas metersmore

Series ZRH of meter service governors for use with high-performance two-pipe gas metersmore

Service regulators for use with several meters in different consumption unitsmore

Series of co-axial service regulators for use with several smaller unitsmore

1800B2 Series Regulators
The 1800B2 Series pressure regulators are designed for natural gas applications. This series is ideal for light commercial and industrial use.more

1800CPB2 Series Regulators
1800CPB2 series pressure regulators for natural gas applicationsmore

3000 Series Regulators
3000 industrial regulator for distribution, commercial and industrial applicationsmore