Data management

A further example illustrating ELSTER-AMCO’s comprehensive systems is the data collection devices. These are characterised by their flexibility. The components of the EuroTRACE family and the DL240 data loggers are suitable for collecting consumption data through pulses. In these cases, the meter readings at the end of the month or a consumption profile at pre-programmed intervals can be called up as required. These devices can be used for collecting data from all media (i.e. gas, water, heat, electricity).
The LIS system in combination with the appropriate components reliably collects and transfers data for evaluation purposes in the fields of gas, electricity, water and district heating consumption. They are used by tariff customers, special-contract customers with varying amounts of consumption and by energy suppliers in substations.
An important component of these systems is the high-performance readout software WinCOMS. This software prepares all of the data for billing and fulfils one of the most important criteria in today’s energy world: fast and, to a high degree, automatic collection of all relevant data. In line with customer parameters, the software collects the billing data fully automatically at the pre-programmed times and makes them available to the customer. The transferred data is then processed by the WinVIEW evaluation software, which then sends the completed data – ready to use – to the relevant accounts departments. In addition to this, the data can be used as the basis for advising customers on future strategies.